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About The Butterfly Gardener

  Luke Brown has had over 35 years experience in creating perfect environments for butterflies. The Butterfly Gardener Ltd is accredited with countless butterfly projects around the world ranging from public and private butterfly houses, butterflies in TV, Film, music videos and advertising as well as consulting for artists and designers at every level.

As a 10 year old boy, he built his first butterfly greenhouse in his parents back garden, and is now responsible for flying butterflies in what is to be the worlds largest butterfly house. After many years of setting up and managing prestigious butterfly exhibitions both commercial and private across the globe. He founded The Butterfly Gardener in 2008 and the company went LTD. in 2012.

The main reason for the company's rapid growth over the last few years, is the ethical rules that were set out from the start. Luke insists these are followed to the letter in any project that is undertaken, as the wellbeing of the butterflies is the utmost priority.